Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cooking Class: Green Chili

Last Thursday Kellie Weaver was gracious enough to have a cooking class at her home to make Green Chile. This is a very flexible dish which can be tweaked easily to your individual tastes.

6 cans cream of celery soup
5 cans of water (More or less depending on what consistency you like your chili.)
A few pounds of roast, chicken, turkey, cube steak, brisket (whatever and however much meat you like.) Kellie used a beef roast and likes her chili extra meaty.
Chopped Green Chilies - fresh roasted, frozen, or canned
Garlic Powder

Cook and shred your meat of choice. Add meat, celery soup, and water to a pot. Then add the garlic powder and chopped green chilies. Kellie used about 4 lbs of fresh roasted green chile's from Phoenix Ranch Market. She also likes a LOT of green chili. Heat and serve. The longer the flavors have to meld, the more delicious the dish. Leftover chili is a big favorite at the Weaver's house.

Serving suggestions: smothered burritos, over rice, or soup.

Buying green chilies-
Fresh roasted will typically have the most heat, followed by frozen, and then canned. Frozen and canned varieties usually have mild or hot varieties so you can mix and match to your families taste.